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Things You Should Know:

  • School Hours
    7:45 AM - 2:45 PM (Building open for student entrance as early as 7:20 am)

  • The student must arrive and be inside the building no later than 7:45 a.m. or he/she will not be allowed entry into the school. Attendance is mandatory! School dismissal is 2:45 pm. Your child should be picked up no later than 3:00 pm.

If a student is absent on any day, the parent of the student must inform the school of the absence and the reason for it before 8:15 a.m.  A note from the doctor or court should be turned in upon the student's return in order for the absence to be excused. Parent notes do not excuse an absence at Horace O. Porter Alternative School.


Dress Code

1. Belt

·         Must wear a solid belt through each belt loop

·         Belts must be brown or black

·         Belts cannot have metal in or on fabric

·         Buckle must be plain and 2” or less in diameter

·         Belt buckle cannot be solid

3. Miscellaneous

·         JEWELRY is not allowed, this includes watches, belly rings, earrings, eyebrow rings, nose rings, tongue rings, grills, lip rings, cheek rings etc.

·         NO PURSES/WALLETS, backpacks, satchels or other storage devices are allowed.

·         HATS- only 1 stocking hat will be permitted WITH NO LOGOS, during the winter months. No gang related hats will be allowed.

·         When a student reaches level 3 he may have the privilege to carry up to $5 for the purchase of drinks or water from the machine.

·         HOUSE KEY – Only one key with a lanyard is allowed.

·         TATTOOS must be appropriately covered including any unusual markings like hickies, Long sleeve shirts will be required to conceal these markings. 

4. Name Tags

·         All students will be issued a name tag. Name tags are to be attached on the left collar at all times, where it must be plainly visible. Name tags are Maury County School Property and are not to be damaged or destroyed. There will be a $5 dollar charge to replace lost or damaged I.D. badges.

 5. Pants

·         Must be tan khaki dress style pants - CANNOT TOUCH THE GROUND


·         No jean or stretch/form fitting material allowed

·         No extra pockets on the pants. NO CARGO PANTS

·         Students must wear full-length pants at all times. NO SHORTS ALLOWED.

·         Must fit properly, No sagging, low-rider or form fitting pants. PARENTS WILL BE       CONTACTED

·         No frayed edges, holes or missing buttons

·         Must have belt loops to hold a belt and a belt must be through all loops on the pants.

·         No additional zippers on the legs

·         No decorations, pictures or lacing on the legs, hips or seat.

·         No elastic, cloth bands, or drawstrings above the belt-loop

·         Must be appropriately fastened

·         No shorts may be worn under pants

·         Maximum of four pockets allowed on pants. "No" flaps on pockets-no pockets visible on outside of pants.

·         NO LOGOS

 6. Shirts

·         All students are to wear navy blue t-shirt or polo/style shirts with no frayed edges, holes or missing buttons.

·         Maximum of 3 buttons allowed on the polo


·         Students must wear full-length shirts that have an extended collar.

·         Shirts must be tucked in at all times, tightly; NO BLOUSING, BELT and BELT LOOPS MUST BE VISIBLE AT ALL TIMES.

·         All shirts must be solid with no emblems, writings, embroidered logos, decorative stitching or pictures.

·         At minimum, bottom button of shirt must be buttoned at all times. Others required at faculty discretion.

·         No form fitting or stretch material

·         No decorative elements on shirt, including sleeves.

7. Socks


8. Shoes


·         Laces may be any color as long as both are the same color

·         Laces must be tied and straps fastened at all times

9. Undergarments

·         Only one bra may be worn

·         No shorts may be worn under khaki pants

10. Undershirts

·         Only ONE solid white, navy, black or gray short or long sleeve t-shirt may be worn under the navy blue polo. A thermal in any of the mentioned colors is permitted as well, to be worn underneath the navy polo.

·         Cannot have any writing, logos or decoration of any kind.

·         No muscle shirts or camisoles permitted.

·         No frayed edges, holes or other cuts.

  • No over-sized garments

  • No cell phones
  • No headbands
  • Mask are required in approved colors (navy, black, white or gray)


  • Electronic point sheets are sent home from the prior week on Monday and should be signed and returned on Tuesday (next day)

  • Students remanded to the alternative school program are not allowed to attend school related functions unless they have written permission from the site supervisor. School of Choice students may attend.

  • All coursework completed at the Alternative School is transferred and recorded at the student's home school so credit can be earned.

  • Teachers are available during planning time to answer your questions and give feedback on your child's progress. Administration, Social Worker and Therapist can be reached during the school day by email or telephone.

Parent/Student Contract
1. School supplies are currently provided for your child.  He/she also needs a pair of ear buds to use with their assigned computer.
2. No tardiness allowed. No admittance after 7:45 AM for secondary alternative school students. Parents must provide transportation. Students must be picked up by 3:00 PM.

3. No gang paraphernalia, writing or signs will be allowed on campus.

4. Be courteous and respectful to school personnel, peers and guest: No threatening or hitting school personnel.

5. Do Not deface the school’s property. No graffiti in or around the campus.

6. Students must exercise care when using the computers. Any destruction or illegal use will result in loss of computer privileges and/or legal action.

7. Respect the property of others: No theft or borrowing!

8. There will be no running, skipping, playing, etc. in the building. This includes dismissal time.

9. No harassing, bullying, threatening or fighting with students.

10. No communication (notes, drawing, sign language, etc.) is allowed in the building unless you are talking with permission to a teacher or assistant.

11. No profanity is allowed.

12. No candy, soft drinks, gum, chap stick, lip gloss, combs or brushes are to be brought into the building.

13. Get permission from staff before getting out of your seat.

14. No more than $5.00 will be allowed on any eligible student in the building. If a student is caught with more it will be taken up and given to a parent or guardian.

15. No cell phones or any other non-educational devices are allowed in the building. Calculators will be kept in the math class if needed.

16. No drugs, alcohol, tobacco products or weapons of any kind will be allowed on campus. Students shall not be under the influence of any illegal/non-prescribed substance.

17. All absences require a phone call from a parent the day of the absence. Doctor notes may be required for habitual absences.

18. No sleeping in class, head down on desk or other off task behavior.

19. Purses and wallets are not allowed in the school building. School personnel are not responsible for items left in the office.

20. Students are not allowed to be on the campus of any other school or attend any school function while assigned to the Alternative School Program without prior permission. Students can be arrested for trespassing!

21. Students will be searched upon entering the building and any time deemed necessary by the administrator.

22. Students are not allowed to use school phones. If a need arises you will be contacted and if deemed necessary you make speak to your child.

23. Meals are provided at school.  Students may not sell, trade or give away food.

24. All work must be completed as assigned.

25. Students will follow directions when given.

Consequences will include but not limited to the following: Written Warning, Parent Contact (phone call/ note home/Parent Conference, Loss of Points/Privileges, Office Referral, Suspension/Disciplinary Hearing/ Petition to Court/ Expulsion

I understand that if my behavior is severely inappropriate, I will be referred to the office immediately.

I pledge to abide by the contract in an effort to modify my behavior. I am requesting the help of the staff and my parent(s) in my quest to be a better student.
Student Signature

I pledge to be available when needed for conferences, and will provide the necessary information to the school. I will also be available to help the school in any way possible.
Parent Signature

The staff pledge to be consistent and fair in the enforcement of the contract. The staff will make documented contact by telephone, email or note. 

MCPS Student Handbook

Alternative Learning Center Student Handbook