About Us

Horace O. Porter Alternative School has been designed primarily for disruptive/at-risk students. It is a county-wide program serving all Maury County Schools. We have smaller classes, specially trained staff that can provide closer supervision. The school has a stricter structure that allows fostering growth of individuality and enhancing social skills. The students can work on developing and improving their decision making and emotional coping skills while improving academic performance. The school provides a safer therapeutic environment and more individualized attention than the traditional school setting. At the alternative school under the administration of Mrs. Dedra Dawson, you will find integrated education provided to a diverse culture of students. She and a trained group of teachers and support staff are there to help the students make their stay a positive one by helping them realize the impact of their decisions and enlighten them as to how they can become better people in the school and community. 

D. Dawson
Dedra Dawson, Principal

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